2014 AIA Twenty-five Year Award

I get all gushy about Metro architecture.

Architecture of Metro

I had a chance to discuss Metro’s architecture on the Kojo Nnamdi Show, on the occasion of the system’s winning the AIA’s 25 Year Award.

My Comments on AAUP draft report on Academic Freedom and Electronic Communications.

In November, the AAUP issued a draft report on Academic Freedom and Electronic Communications. With the January 10 deadline for comments approaching, I have sent the following.

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Twenty-five states offer academic exceptions to FOIA laws

In a recent law journal article, Ryan Fairchild helpfully compares the freedom of information laws of all 50 states to see how they might govern requests for material from public universities. He finds that Alaska, Pennsylvania, and Georgia have the best laws in place.

[Ryan C. Fairchild. “Giving Away the Playbook: How North Carolina’s Public Records Law Can Be Used to Harass, Intimidate, and Spy.” North Carolina Law Review 91 (2013): 2117–2178. h/t Rebecca Tushnet]
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New York Times Reads Professors’ E-Mail

The New York Times obtained “hundreds of emails and other documents” about public university professors in Texas and Illinois through Freedom of Information requests.

[Kocieniewski, David. “Academics Who Defend Wall St. Reap Reward.” New York Times, December 27, 2013. h/t Rebecca Tushnet]
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